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My best ever Healthy Delicious Banana Almond Loaf Recipe that you'll love

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I love this beautiful Banana Loaf! My Homemade easy Banana Almond Bread Loaf is soft, delicious and perfect for Afternoon tea and a special yummy healthy dessert that you'll definitely love and can be easily bake at home. The simple combination of Almonds and Bananas in this Recipe is tasty, simply the best and worth a try.


3 fresh Bananas (mash the Bananas with fork)

1/4 tsp Salt 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons Baking powder 1/2 teaspoons Baking Soda

2 tablespoons sliced and chopped Almonds

1/2 cup (100ml) Vegetable Oil

2 1/2 cups white whole-wheat Flour

2 tablespoons Almond Milk

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